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Swimming Pool Installation & Construction

A swimming pool is a stunning central feature that you will find eyes gravitating towards as soon as it comes into view. To be admired, it’s a powerful and complex system that requires precise engineering. We have put this feature together to help you understand the complexities involved before you start your very own swimming pool installation project in the UK.

The Pool Design Phase

A swimming pool can add great value to a property which is why the design phase of the project is so important. At Aqua Platinum Projects we take time to understand our client’s vision. Each and every one of our swimming pool design consultants, architects and engineers take pride in understanding our client’s requirements and bringing their luxury pools, spas, and wellness centre ideas to life.

Our talented swimming pool designers will produce mood boards, working drawings, design concept sketches and samples for all of our projects using the latest technologies in design including full BIM capabilities.

Swimming Pool Design Consultancy Costs

At Aqua Platinum Projects we offer a swimming pool design consultancy service costing £5,000 – £50,000 (depending on the complexity of the project), which will make the process seem seamless from start to finish.

If it’s time for you to add value to your property or start designing your unique pool or spa feature for your home, then please contact Aqua Platinum Projects for a consultation today.

Swimming Pool Construction Process

We use the sprayed concrete method to construct our swimming pools as this creates a strong, durable shell. This method also offers flexibility when designing the pool as the shell can be constructed to exact measurements and is ideal for intricate, uniquely shaped pools.

We will only use the highest quality mechanical and electrical plant equipment for all our commercial swimming pool construction projects, utilising fully automated systems and controls that provide maximum peace of mind for the user. Our systems ensure minimal maintenance and ease of use for the user, and also reduces the space required in the swimming pool plant room.

The cost of an indoor swimming pool installation

During the design phase, you will decide whether it’s an indoor swimming pool, which you can utilise all year round despite the unpredictable British weather, or an outdoor swimming pool that will be an outdoor masterpiece for both residential and commercial usage. Our pool and aquatic areas are both functional, stylish and utterly unique.

From swimming pools of all shapes and sizes, to spectacular spas and stylish interiors we can design and install a number of indulgent, high-quality wellness facilities. Our prices start from £200,000 for an indoor swimming pool.

The cost of an outdoor swimming pool installation

An outdoor swimming pool is a valuable investment; a bespoke design will increase the value of your property and provide you and your family with years of leisure opportunity.

Whether you want a low-spec, easy to maintain pool or a high tech, opulent spa – with Aqua Platinum Projects the possibilities are endless. From LED lighting to underwater sound systems, counter-current units and fountain waterfalls, we can design your outdoor swimming space from between £100,000 – £250,000, depending on your specific requirements.

The Headland Hotel Installation Case Study

We have included a case study of the swimming pool shell installation at The Headland Hotel. Through our precise engineering and pioneering designs we can fulfil your bespoke pool wishes and we will consult you no matter the size, shape, or location! Whether you want your swimming pool indoors/outdoors, in the basement or even on the rooftop we can assist with your project.

If it’s time for you to add value to your property or start designing your unique pool or spa feature for your home, then please contact Aqua Platinum Projects for a consultation today.


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