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We specialise in creating the most stunning, premier wellness facilities. With vast knowledge in designing and constructing a variety of luxury wellness features, we understand the requirements that are necessary to create a high quality facility with incredible functionality whilst also ensuring the user experiences ultimate relaxation.

There are many features to consider, from options such as vitality spa’s, sauna and steam rooms to a luxurious banya, mudroom or salt room. Our experience and understanding of wellness spas enables us to design and build high quality, bespoke spas that are stunning. Working together with the Main Contractor, Architect or Developer, we will create the perfect wellness solution for the client’s requirements.

Sauna & Steam

We design, supply and install sumptuous custom-made wellness rooms both for residential and commercial use. By taking advantage of the many skill sets of our experienced team, together, we can create a facility of extraordinary beauty and lasting quality, guaranteeing years of pleasure and relaxation.


The unique culture of spa and wellbeing is helping the user to take time out and rejuvenate. Spas are where time has no place, and where one’s mind, body and soul receives nurturing, solace and tranquillity; this is one of the rare opportunities we get to experience the wonder of one’s own moment in time.

Wellness Features

Wellness features are a fantastic addition to both a residential, or a commercial pool and can be incorporated within the swimming pool or as a standalone facility. There are many different styles to consider, and whether you would like a complex and intricately detailed feature or a feature that is simple yet elegant, you can be sure that it will bring that extra sparkle and wow to the pool.


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