Movable Floor Swimming Pools

Movable floor swimming pools are the perfect solution to maximise the use of space within your home.

What is a Moving Floor Swimming Pool?

A movable floor swimming pool system offers dual use of the pool room, as the swimming pool is hidden below the hydraulic movable floor. Our clients often use this additional space as a games room, additional lounge area or as a function or party room for entertaining. It’s a great way of adding a luxury swimming pool to residential properties, hotels or other developments without the need to expand the footprint.

The precision engineering in this design results in a smooth movement of the floor, with all the mechanical elements concealed.

With a switch operated system, the pool works on a stop-start system; this enables the pool to be set at several different depths. This is a perfect solution for a family pool offering a safe swimming depth for children or a deep depth for diving when desired. Whilst entertaining, some of our clients have also lowered the pool to around 6 inches of water to use it as a feature in their home, decorating the pool with floating tea lights.

Hidden Luxury

Our moving floor swimming pools transform an ordinary room into something unique. In as little as a few minutes, your floor will be transformed into a swimming pool, automatically filling as it lowers. A hidden swimming pool means you can reclaim the space whenever the pool is not in use. As quickly as it appears, your room will be back to normal in a matter of minutes.

See One In Action

Take a look at some of our previous work and watch a once empty room transform into a luxury swimming pool.

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