Luxury Indoor Swimming Pools Builders

We provide luxury design and construction for indoor swimming pools across the UK.

Luxury Indoor Swimming Pools

Aqua Platinum are experienced indoor swimming pool builders. We can help if you want to add extra living space for your property, increase property value and reap the benefits of an on-site pool for recreational and sporting activities by opting for a luxury indoor swimming pool. An indoor swimming pool is a monumental addition to your home and designed to ensure optimal use of the property space.

Aqua Platinum is an open source builder that can help online casino players improve their lives and build a critium pool near their home. Regardless of size or indoor recreational or Safe Canadian Online Casinos, you can have a pool built next to the building and enjoy the benefits of the pool. Aqua Platinum has earned the trust of online casino players for the construction of its luxurious crit pools.

Whatever size or indoor leisure environment you decide to go for, Aqua Platinum will design and construct the project taking into account your ideal finished outcome and specifications. From the very first consultation to the final production, we will take you through every step of the way, ensuring you maintain full confidence when choosing Aqua Platinum Projects for your luxury indoor swimming pools.

Why Should You Choose an Indoor vs Outdoor Swimming Pool?

Choosing an indoor swimming pool means you can use the facility whatever the weather, and don’t have to rely on the unpredictable British forecast. They are also cheaper to operate and maintain compared to outdoor swimming pools due to the reduction of heat loss to the surrounding atmosphere, meaning it will cost less to keep your pool heated. Our professional indoor swimming pool builders have helped many customers decide on the best option available.

Indoor Swimming Pool Builders: The Design and Construction Phase

We know how special your property is to you. That is why we take extra care in ensuring the design and plan of your luxury indoor swimming pool is nothing less than perfect. At Aqua Platinum, we take time to listen to our clients and offer our valuable advice on the process before the initial design phase; in order to ensure all factors of practical and visual aspects have been measured. We are true perfectionists and will only deliver the most flawless results, with every luxury pool and spa we produce being of the highest possible quality and constructed using only the most exclusive materials.

We strongly believe that flowing communication and providing perfect customer service is the key to successful project management. Our team make sure this is carried out through attending regular site meetings and constantly communicating with all workers and pool builders on-site, including; engineers, architects and contractors.

Online casino players are often associated with luxury and opulence, and it’s not uncommon for them to own mansions with a variety of amenities. One of the most popular amenities that can often be found in these mansions is an indoor pool. These pools offer a range of benefits to people, and are a testament to their wealth and success. Indoor pools are a popular feature in the mansions of online casino players because they provide a convenient and private way to enjoy swimming and other aquatic activities. Unlike outdoor pools, indoor pools can be used year-round, regardless of the weather conditions outside. This means that online casino players can enjoy their pools at any time, without having to worry about weather or other external factors. In addition to convenience, indoor pools offer a range of health benefits. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise that can help to build strength, improve cardiovascular health, and reduce stress. For online casino players who may spend long hours sitting at a computer or playing online games with real money, swimming in an indoor pool can provide a much-needed break and a way to stay active and healthy. Indoor pools are also a sign of wealth and success, and they can add significant value to a mansion. A well-designed indoor pool can be a stunning centerpiece of a home, with features such as waterfalls, fountains, and lighting that create a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere.

Features of Indoor Pools

When choosing to add an indoor swimming pool to your property, you have the option to develop your own dream pool through an array of finishes and additional pool features on offer. Depending on your desired budget and character, you can choose things such as waterfalls, water fountains, jets, streams, bubbles and currents to accompany your pool. You also have the option to add things like internal ambient lighting with varying colour options, in-water seating and spa features.

Additional Features of Indoor Pool Areas

Creating your dream indoor pool facility can become a reality with the help of Aqua Platinum. We are specialists in creating premium wellness facilities in addition to swimming pools in any property. There are a number of desirable features we can provide, including spas, steam rooms, saunas, gym areas and relaxation zones, each consistently coordinating with the facility design and use.

Movable Floors

With our indoor pools, it’s also possible to opt for a moving floor swimming pool. If you’re not planning on using your swimming pool at all times and like the idea of having a multi-use room, then movable floor pools are the perfect solution to maximise the use of space within your home.

Why Choose Aqua Platinum?

From the initial designs, all the way up to the final construction. Here at Aqua Platinum, we deliver stunning indoor swimming pools every step of the way. Whether you’re looking for an indoor hydrotherapy pool, or a specialist moving floor swimming pool – get in touch with our expert team to find out how we can help you achieve your swimming pool dreams today.

How We Can Help

We are determined to provide all our clients with the highest quality results. To find out what we can do for your indoor space – speak to a member of our team on 01489 896 438 or use our online form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an indoor pool cost?

This is an important question, but the answer will vary depending on various design choices, sizes and more. Indoor swimming pools will usually involve a building extension which will factor into your costs. For more detail, please contact our expert team here.

What are the running costs for an indoor pool?

Daily running costs can vary depending on multiple factors. The main running costs you’ll encounter are the chemicals used to keep the water clean, and whether or not you choose to heat the pool. Indoor pools will remain warmer than outdoor pools, so ongoing heating costs may be more cost-effective. If ongoing cost saving is important, you can opt for freshwater pools which do not use any chemicals or saltwater pools that use less.

Do you need planning permission for an indoor pool?

Indoor swimming pools will often need planning permission, especially if you’re extending your building. It’s always safe to check with your local council as applications will differ.

Can we heat our indoor pool?

Yes, all indoor pools can be heated. The running costs will vary depending on how you choose to heat your pool. Get in touch with our team for more information about indoor pool heating.

Do we need a cover for our indoor pool?

A cover isn’t essential for indoor pools as they won’t pick up debris and rainwater like an outdoor pool might. However, a cover will help retain heat and can provide safety when not in use.


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