Swimming Pool Construction

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Swimming Pool Construction Professionals

Skilled In Swimming Pool Construction

Aqua Platinum Projects is an expert in intricate swimming pool construction. We understand that every pool project is unique and requires expert input from multiple professionals, one of the main requirements is being skilled in swimming pool construction. We know that a successful swimming pool construction project requires all of these specialist areas to be integrated into a fully coordinated design from the start.

Swimming Pool Construction Methods

We at Aqua Platinum Projects, take pride in our swimming pool construction methods. All of our swimming pools are constructed using high-quality materials so that they stand the test of time and provide you with a fun living space for years to come.

As well as being a stunning feature to be admired, a swimming pool is a powerful and complex system that requires precise engineering to be installed in the finest quality building. Our award-winning swimming pool buildings are built to the highest quality using a variety of construction methodologies, selected to best suit the individual needs of your project.

Experts in commercial and residential plant rooms

Our highly qualified engineers are experts in the installation of both commercial and residential pipework and plant equipment, and this teamed with the detailed drawings from our in-house CAD designers ensures faultless execution at every stage of the project, placing total emphasis on outstanding workmanship and delivery.

High quality pool finishes

Our swimming pool projects are finished to an extraordinarily high standard which far surpasses the expectations of our clients’. We have developed a vast knowledge of swimming pool construction ranging from complex builds in city centre basements and skyscrapers to movable floor pools and infinity-edge wonders all over the country.

Indoor Swimming Pool Construction

An indoor swimming pool, much like a basement pool, is an extension of the living space. Allowing our client to have their own personal retreat within their home. Indoor swimming pools are very flexible and during the swimming pool construction period are designed to ensure maximum usage of the pool facilities, as well as the space within the pool hall.


Outdoor Swimming Pool Construction

Outdoor swimming pools optimise the use of outside space within the landscape of any home. Built for both leisure and beauty, an outdoor swimming pool is the ultimate statement.

Basement Swimming Pool Construction

We are specialists in the design and construction of basement leisure facilities and aim to create stylish and functional additional living space within the footprint of any building. Creative use of this space allows us to incorporate swimming pools, spas, saunas, steam rooms, gymnasia, wine cellars, media rooms and many other inspiring concepts.


Stainless Steel

Marine grade 316 stainless steel is not only sympathetic to swimming pool environments but provides a spectacular finish to any pool or spa structure. By adding a variety of features and experiences we can create the most eye-catching centrepiece of any private or commercial leisure complex.

The Swimming Pool Construction Process and Engineering

As well as being a stunning feature to be admired, a swimming pool is a powerful and complex system that requires precise engineering. We use the sprayed concrete method to construct our swimming pools as this creates a strong, durable shell. This method also offers flexibility when designing the pool as the shell can be constructed to exact measurements and is ideal for intricate, uniquely shaped pools.

We will only use the highest quality mechanical and electrical plant equipment for all of our commercial swimming pool construction projects, utilising fully automated systems and controls that provide maximum peace of mind for the user. Our systems ensure minimal maintenance and ease of use for the user, and also reduces the space required in the swimming pool plantroom.

Our engineers are experts in the installation of both commercial and residential pipework and teamed with the detailed drawings from our CAD designers, they ensure flawless execution in every stage of the project.


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