Bespoke Infinity Pools

Luxury Infinity Pool Design & Construction

If you’re looking for something that shows ultimate luxury, an infinity pool is the perfect choice. With the appearance of a never-ending edge and no boundaries, an infinity pool is one of the most eye-catching features you can have.

What exactly is an infinity pool?

Also known as a disappearing edge or negative edge swimming pool. Infinity Pools look as if one edge of the pool is falling away…into infinity! They have the appearance of merging seamlessly into the landscape. Whether your property looks out over a rural landscape, a sea view or a city skyline, an infinity pool is an eye-catching feature. It will also add significant value to your home should you come to sell!

How much does an infinity pool cost to run?

Infinity pools often cost more than a traditional outdoor pool to run, this is due to the cooling effect on the water that flows over the edge – giving it the infinity effect. However, the exact running and heating cost for your new infinity pool will depend on various different factors such as; air temperature, water temperature, location, wind speed, and more.

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