Project Details

Client: Private
Location: Reading

Ramsbury House is a stunning property set within a rural location in Reading. Aqua Platinum were invited to be the wellness facility builders and designers, within the leisure complex.  The wellness area feature mirrors the impressive premises and acreage.

The project consisted of a luxurious indoor swimming pool, bespoke sauna and steam room, and a separate tiled jacuzzi. The design phase was essential to ensure maximum exposure of the beautiful surroundings.

Within the main pool area, an elegant beige marble tile was chosen for the floor and steps leading to the jacuzzi, contrasting to the aqua blue chosen to decorate the interior of the pool. A rolling cover was also installed for maximum protection and water hygiene.

In the daytime, the room is filled with beautiful white light streaming in from the outside via the wall of french doors, which can be opened up fully for an open plan effect.The steam room, sauna and shower area are all glass divided, which allows full view of the pool area from each of these zones.

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