Palace Court Wellness Complex

Project Details

Client: Private
Location: Palace Court

Palace Court, is internationally known for its prestigiously priced properties and historic presence. Aqua Platinum were appointed as the spa designers for a luxurious underground swimming pool wellness complex, within the basement of a private property in this central area of London. The design scheme revolved around a high-spec designer swimming pool, and rejuvenating steam rooms/deluxe spa to compliment the installation. Partial separation of the pool and spa area was achieved via glass panelling – not only did this add style to the project, but the reflection of light continuously enhances the floor plan of this spacious area.

Portraying an array of subtle dark colour gradients and carefully positioned spot lighting; the finished development radiates serenity and a deeply calming atmosphere for our client. As well as the visually pleasing aspect of the completed plan; the wellness area poses home to healthy living and endless benefits. The sauna, for example, encourages muscle relaxation and the lowering of blood pressure. Benefits of soaking in the tailor-made Jacuzzi include; reduction of stress and anxiety, lowering of blood pressure and reduction of arthritic/chronic pain, to name a few.

Using this project as a prime example; at Aqua Platinum we’re passionate about the design and installation of facilities that are going to compliment your existing living or commercial space. Ensuring that all details are taken into consideration, from minor to the more prominent aspects, enables us to fit high-spec amenities that are going to be enjoyed and cherished by the user(s) for the foreseeable future.

If you’re not looking for any ordinary swimming pool and need experts to turn your vision into reality, look no further. At Aqua Platinum, we take pride in delivering design and construction services of swimming pools and deluxe wellness areas. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.



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