Swimming Pool Rendering

Aqua Platinum is home to one of the largest teams of in-house swimming pool engineers, designers and consultants in the United Kingdom. Their extensive knowledge in swimming pool waterproofing, rendering and overall expertise in our niche industry allows us to produce pools and spas of the highest quality.

To make certain all of our pools and spas meet only the highest of expectations, our team must have an extensive knowledge of the construction process, this includes swimming pool waterproofing to ensure quality and longevity.

Swimming Pool Waterproofing

Our team of swimming pool engineers have decades of experience in swimming pool waterproofing, it is their job to ensure all of our swimming pools are efficient and watertight, to do this we use a swimming pool waterproofing method called rendering.

Swimming pool rendering differs from the typical rendering of a building, this is because the pool is under constant pressure, this pressure is caused by the water located within the swimming pool. By ensuring our pools are sufficiently waterproofed, we can prolong the longevity and see to it our clients receive the best possible end product.

The Pool Rendering Process

We begin our method of pool rendering with wetting the surface with water and applying a mixed waterproof solution that is mixed with concrete using either a brush or roller, this is then applied to the membrane of the tank. The second layer of the waterproofing solution and concrete will then be applied to the entire pool tank to ensure sufficient swimming pool waterproofing.

Once the waterproofing solution has set, a wet test will be carried out under inspection to make sure no leaks occur. The pool tank is then gradually filled and emptied over several days to reduce the chances of shocking the concrete.

An example of the process

To understand more about swimming pool rendering and the work carried out by our indoor swimming pool builders, take a look at the clip of the rendering carried out for the project located within The Headland Hotel.


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