Swimming Pool Plant Rooms

Swimming pool and plant room engineers

Aqua Platinum is home to one of the largest teams of in-house swimming pool engineers in the United Kingdom. Their extensive knowledge and expertise in our niche industry allows us to produce pools of the highest quality in any setting, ranging from complex city centre basement pools to outdoor swimming pools that frame the beautiful British countryside.

Pool and plant room maintenance

We are firm believers that regular maintenance is paramount to longevity, and as such offer a unique and tailored service in the upkeep of your swimming pool, vitality pool and/or spa to ensure you have complete use of the facilities all year round. Our extensive team of engineers includes specialists that are trained in all key responsibilities required in maintaining the quality and operational performance of all features involved in your pool system.

Where to locate a plant room

Our design department will be heavily involved with a multitude of factors for any project we have the pleasure of being involved in. In the early stages of the design process, we put careful consideration into the location, size, distribution and installation of plant to guarantee that the operation and maintenance of the pool(s) will be effective and efficient. We extensively co-ordinate with architects, engineers and clients to achieve this. Whilst not essential, it is preferable that the plant room is located within close proximity to the pool as it helps with functionality and sizing of pipes, plant and services co-ordination.

Plant room sizing

Plant room sizing is a crucial topic that is often heavily discussed early in the design stage. This is predominantly based on the size and usage of the pool, and whether it is a domestic or commercial development. The plant room will typically house all of our mechanical, filtration and water sanitation equipment; but by planning pre-installation we can ensure all of our pumps, pipework and valves are spaced with careful consideration to allow any required access. Further to this, we aim to provide complete clarity throughout our systems, and so include descriptive labels, directional arrows and valve tags for operational user convenience. Our systems ensure minimal maintenance is required and clear, concise ease of use for service engineers.

Reducing the footprint of plant rooms

It is not uncommon for clients to want to reduce the footprint of the plant room as much as possible, so we believe it is imperative that we complete every job with the above in mind. We use trusted suppliers Waterco and Triogen (Suez) for their high-quality performing pool plant equipment, which results not only in a huge range of products to help achieve a high-quality pool system, regardless of the plant space, but also lower running and servicing costs.

Plant room noise

Another important factor related to plant rooms is the noise they can emanate. We understand the luxury of a swimming pool facility shouldn’t be ruined by undesired noise and vibration, and so we use resilient mountings, springs and acoustic mats wherever necessary to keep this to a minimum.

Precise engineering

Swimming pool construction and precise engineering go hand in hand, this is demonstrated in our case study of The Headland Hotel. We are proud to present you with the installation at The Headland Hotel to help further your understanding about the precise engineering that goes into each of our plant rooms. Should you require any supplementary information, please contact us via our exclusive T.A.L.K. service.


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