How much do swimming pools cost?

What could be more luxurious than having a dip on demand in your own private pool or seeing your guests relax and unwind in a decadent aquatic centre?

The cost of a swimming pool from Aqua Platinum Projects

Whether you are looking for indoors or outdoors, in the basement or on the roof; at Aqua Platinum Projects our wonderful team of designers and architects are well versed in creating spectacular swimming pools, serene spaces and sumptuous spas for you to enjoy year-round. We also offer swimming pool rendering to really deliver the full package; read on to find out the cost of installing a luxury swimming pool from Aqua Platinum Projects.

Stylish swimming pools

There are so many variables to planning and building a bespoke pool, that often your head can be left swimming with costs and ideas. At Aqua Platinum Projects we offer a swimming pool design consultancy service costing from £3,000-£50,000 (depending on the complexity of the project), that will make the process seem seamless from start to finish.

From lap to hydrotherapy, infinity and beyond, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of aquatic advancements, and tailor each design around the needs of our clients. So, let us provide you with the pool of your dreams, as we create a space that replicates your tastes and complements your property.

how much does an outdoor swimming pool cost

Outdoor bespoke swimming pools

Whether you want a low-spec, easy to maintain pool or a high tech, opulent spa, with Aqua Platinum Projects the possibilities are endless. From LED lighting to underwater sound systems, counter current units and fountain waterfalls, we can design your outdoor swimming space from between £100,000 – £250,000, depending on your specific requirements.

Having been commissioned to build and create many an outdoor master piece for both residential and commercial usage, our pools and aquatic areas are both functional, stylish and utterly unique.

the cost of a luxury indoor swimming pool

Indoor bespoke swimming pools

The great British weather is notoriously difficult to predict, so if you want to enjoy year-round swimming then an indoor pool is a must. From swimming pools of all shapes and sizes to spectacular spas and stylish interiors we can design and install a number of indulgent, high-quality wellness facilities costing from £200,000, that will guarantee you complete rest and relaxation.

how much does a movable floor swimming pool cost

Moveable floor swimming pools

Instead of having to permanently sacrifice space in order to accommodate a new swimming pool, why not consider a moveable floor, and make your living area even more versatile?

You really can walk on water when you choose to install a moveable floor swimming pool. This innovative technology allows you to turn an everyday room (such as a dining room or lounge), into a swimming pool at the touch of a button and in a matter of minutes. So, for property owners living in busy cities such as London – where space is often at a premium – a moveable floor swimming pool can offer the best of both worlds.

See the swimming pool design and consultancy services we offer in London.

Not just limited to indoor usage however, moveable floor swimming pools when placed outdoors, can allow for even more ingenuity. Just imagine indulging in an al fresco lunch before sliding back the decking for a refreshing dip or doing laps of the pool under the midday sun, before swaying the night away on a moonlit dancefloor.

basement swimming pool costs

Basement swimming pools costs

Renovating and extending your house does not necessarily just mean building upwards. Whilst loft conversions and rooftop pools are still popular, those living in built up urban areas such as London, are moving their attention downwards in order to create extra space and a little more luxury.

Basements provide the perfect locations in which to house swimming pools. Often shut away from the outside world, you can be effortlessly transported to a haven of tranquillity simply by installing a moveable floor. Saving you space, at the flick of a switch you can transform your basement room into a pool, adjusting the floor and changing the depth of the water to suit the swimmer. Turn it back and a dry surface magically appears, giving you two spaces from the same floor!

At Aqua Platinum Projects we specialise in the design and build of a variety of different spec swimming pools with moving floors. Offering a host of technological solutions for both basement, indoor and outdoor pools; our moveable floor swimming pools cost around £250,000.

Aqua Platinum Projects – award winning swimming pools

At Aqua Platinum Projects we enjoy working in collaboration with a number of different clients who are seeking design inspiration for their residential and commercial projects. From simple, low spec concepts to state-of-the-art designs, our innovative construction techniques ensure that we have a solution for everyone. Using only the best designers, architects and craftsmen we seek the finest quality filters, most stylish stainless-steel fittings and use Waterco, for their high-quality performing pumps.

To find out more about our bespoke swimming pools, please contact Aqua Platinum Projects for a consultation today.



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