Shanghai’s First Underwater Hotel

This month we are inspired by the Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland, the first hotel to include two floors fully submerged beneath the water of a decommissioned quarry, nestled in the Sheshan Mountain Range. With breath taking views of the waterfalls and surrounding cliffs this hotel is set to be a one of a kind.

Guests to the intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland will sleep 88-meters below ground in the world’s first underground hotel, the underwater suites feature an in-room aquarium where guests can admire shoals of fish pasting by.

To construct this phenomenal hotel, its design team filed 39 different patents, and worked with a vast team of architects, designers and engineers. It’s taken over a decade to complete and with that the engineers faced unique challenges whilst building on the once abandoned quarry which required innovative engineering solutions.

We admire the precise engineering to create this hotel, as we are often faced with challenges when designing and building our unique projects. However, with the help of our in-house designers and project managers we are able to offer bespoke solutions based on precise design calculations to deliver the desired outcome.

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