Design of the Trevi Fountain, Rome

This week we are feeling inspired by the magnificent Trevi Fountain in Rome which was created so many years ago, yet has stood proud against the tests of time and elements in our ever-evolving world. The fountain has been a significant pillar in Rome’s history and is still a very important part of Rome today, inspiring the many people that visit it.

Ancient legends state that in 19 BC thirsty Roman soldiers were guided by a young girl to a source of pure water thirteen kilometres from the city of Rome. This discovery led to the construction of an aqueduct leading into the city, which was named Aqua Virgo, in honour of the legendary young girl. The aqueduct served the hot Baths of Agrippa, and Rome for over four hundred years.

We are inspired by how this this incredibly detailed masterpiece was designed, as the fountain itself is truly astonishing; with the façade and sea reef being created from travertine and the statues all created from carrara marble.

In the middle of the fountain, underneath a tryumphal arch, a majestic and fierce statue of Ocean has been carved by the Italian sculptor Pietro Bracci. In the left part of the arch there is the statue of Abundance, holding the horn of plenty with a toppled vase lying at her feet. Above her there is a relief showing Agrippa commanding his generals to build the acqueduct.

In the right part of the arch there is the statue of Health, crowned by a wreath of laurel and holding a cup that a snake is drinking from. Above her there is a relief showing a Virgin lady indicating to soldiers the source of water.

The four allegorical statues located on the attic were carved by Agostino Corsini, Bernardino Ludovisi, Francesco Queirolo and Bartolomeo Pincellotti. The statues represent the good effects of rain on Earth fertility and the four major produces that depend on water supply. The first statue on the left holds the horn of plenty and is a symbol of the Abundance of fruits. The second one is holding ears of wheat and represents Fertility of Crops. The third one is holding a cup and bunches of grapes symbolising the Products of Autumn. The last one portraits the Joy of Prairies and Gardens and covered with flowers.

The fountain has recently been restored and as part of the re-opening, a remarkable fashion show was held by Italian fashion house Fendi to celebrate their 90th Anniversary. The catwalk was constructed on top of the fountain water; this incredible exhibition has drawn spectators from around the world to witness the beautiful show and the exquisite fountain.

“This city in terms of lights, colour, art inspiration is unique. I believe that’s why Fendi is so keen on keeping its Roman roots which are giving so much energy and inspiration to our creative team,” Pietro Beccari – Fendi Chairman and CEO


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