UK Pool & Spa Awards Winners 2023

In a resounding victory for innovation, excellence, and design, Aqua Platinum Projects has emerged as a frontrunner in the water leisure industry, securing four prestigious awards at the UK Pool & Spa Awards. This annual event stands as the pinnacle of recognition in the sector, drawing in numerous contenders and thousands of online votes, all rigorously assessed by an independent panel of judges.

Outstanding Technical Swimming Pool Design: Hampstead House

One of the highlights of Aqua Platinum’s success is the award for Outstanding Technical Swimming Pool Design for a private client project at Hampstead House. The accolade underscores Aqua Platinum’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technical excellence, delivering a bespoke swimming pool design that marries functionality with aesthetics.

Pool Team of the Year

Aqua Platinum Projects’ commitment to teamwork and collaboration is exemplified by the acknowledgment of the “Pool Team of the Year” award. This recognition goes beyond individual achievements, emphasising the collective expertise and seamless coordination that sets Aqua Platinum apart in the competitive landscape.

Commercial Pool Project of the Year: Nine Elms Project

The collaboration between Aqua Platinum and Telford Homes has borne fruit in the form of the “Commercial Pool Project of the Year” award for the Nine Elms project. Situated in the vibrant Vauxhall area, near the iconic Battersea Power Station, this venture redefines luxury living with a breathtaking rooftop infinity edge pool and spa. This ambitious project aims to elevate the residential experience for occupants across six distinct buildings, showcasing Aqua Platinum’s prowess in commercial pool design.

Luxury Pool of the Year: Kings Road Park Project

Teaming up with esteemed property developers, The Berkeley Group and St William, Aqua Platinum took home the “Luxury Pool of the Year” award for the Kings Road Park Project. Tasked with designing and constructing the residents’ basement amenities, including a 25m swimming pool, Aqua Platinum demonstrated an unwavering commitment to luxury and sophistication.

Aqua Platinum Projects continues to set the standard for excellence in water leisure, pushing the boundaries of innovation and design. These four accolades from the UK Pool & Spa Awards are a testament to Aqua Platinum’s dedication to creating unforgettable aquatic spaces that seamlessly blend form and function. As the industry evolves, Aqua Platinum remains at the forefront, consistently raising the bar for what is possible in the world of aquatic design.

Aqua Platinum | Your Pool Construction Team

At Aqua Platinum, the design phase is the most important part of the swimming pool project, as this is where we begin to understand our client’s vision. We take pride in understanding your requirements and bringing your ideas to life by designing a beautiful product of the highest quality with superb technical functionality. 

Here at Aqua Platinum, we’re proud to offer a unique and tailored service to design and build your swimming pool/spa project. With service and maintenance options too – we offer a unique approach with a first class service for all our clients across the UK. 

Read below to learn what makes Aqua Platinum your trustworthy, luxury swimming pool construction company.

Aqua Platinum Mission

At Aqua Platinum, we embark on a mission that transcends the ordinary, a journey defined by relentless dedication to excellence. We don’t just build pools; we craft immersive experiences that echo on an international stage. 

Aqua Platinum Vision

  • When our clients speak, they don’t just endorse Aqua Platinum; they share stories of an exceptional journey. From the beginning to completion, the Aqua Platinum experience is a masterpiece.  We’re not merely a cut above the rest; we redefine the benchmark.
  • We deliver promises that exceed all expectations; ensuring your requirements are met.
  • Our clients aren’t just clients; they become advocates, willingly recommending Aqua Platinum to friends and colleagues.
  • Within our team, we focus on a daily commitment to success, both individually and as a collective.

Aqua Platinum Company Values

  • Do everything to deliver quality
  • Integrity before our gain
  • Nurture professional development
  • Teamwork 
  • Accountability

As we gaze into the future, we have big plans to push our mission and values further. In the New Year, 2024 promises to be our most monumental yet, with a high profile project that will stretch the limits of our design and technical prowess. Our pipeline has a clear vision for Aqua Platinum to build as the most unrivalled luxury pool and wellness provider in the UK. At Aqua Platinum, we don’t just build dreams; we craft legacies.

CRM Systems

As a company, we have demonstrated a steadfast commitment to enhancing the overall customer experience of our clients, exemplified by substantial investments in cutting-edge CRM systems, advanced design software, and the continuous development of our talented team. Additionally, considerable emphasis has been placed on the recruitment and training of our personnel, ensuring a cohesive and efficient collaboration with some of the most esteemed clients, design teams, and developers in the UK.

As a result, our collective efforts are not only directed towards delivering exceptional services, but also towards cultivating a workplace culture that embodies excellence, innovation, and a commitment to surpassing industry standards.

Swimming Pool Specialists

Through these designs, we have built a strong relationship with some of the top developers and architects in the UK. We are proud to deliver our services to London, the South, including Portsmouth, Southampton and other nearby areas. With a luxurious swimming pool and spa, we can ensure that at Aqua Platinum Projects, you receive the highest quality finish, every time.

To discuss your next swimming pool project, contact our expert team at Aqua Platinum Projects and see what you can achieve. We look forward to speaking with you soon.


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